Big Browns

2 months ago 10 large Brown trout were introduced into Holbury for a corporate day. On the day itself 2 came and 1 the following day leaving behind 7, all went quiet for a while and although visible they are very tricky to catch. On Saturday I witnessed a splendid bit of angling the pictured (D. Cross) saw this fish in the first pool of long lake and patiently catapult casted every fly in his box onto its head over a period of at least 2 hours. Eventually he discovered his fly was not quite heavy enough and was not getting down to the fish so changed his fly (gold ribbed hare’s ear) up a size and boom! He was rewarded with this stunning 7lb 6oz brown. There are 6 big browns left one of which has been estimated at 12lb+ by a number of fishermen. Goodluck!


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