Having taken over as the fishery manager at Holbury Lakes just two months ago I can see that Holbury is a fly fishers paradise!  Whilst here, I have met most of the local rods and also the 10 & 25 fish ticket holders.  Within my time, I have discovered one or two most knowledgeable and passionate chaps who have kindly passed on their intimate knowledge to do with some quirks in the running of Holbury.  At the end of my day, one chap has given me casting tips, how lucky a chap I am!

The customers have welcomed me with open arms as their new manager.  I am so fortunate to be looking after this hidden fly fishing venue, which has four lakes,  most of which are clear most of the time.  The River Dun also flows through the fishery for those wanting a harder challenge!  I know it is now down to me to continue the future legacy of this beautiful anglers paradise – until then, tight lines to you all!  If you have never been here before do come along to enjoy this very pretty fishery.



  • 11th August 2017 By Jerry Wakeford 4:03 am

    As I have been fishing here since1997,when Iworkrkd

    I have been workng and fishing all the lakes since about 2000-any exsisting fishers will notice that George-has quietly going about correcting all the previous managers errors.
    We need to support him in his endevours, most of his work is- to be fair not obviuos to the passing visitor,but in a short- by this A utunm- I am sure most flyfishers will for their own reasons find Holbury a better fishiing paradise!!

  • 14th May 2018 By rob laidlaw 5:48 pm

    I personally think George is the best manager at Holbury so far, he is always very welcoming and always willing to share casting tips with newcomers to the sport or even us oldies in need of a bit of help, I have fished at Holbury off and on since the late 90’s and like it so much now it is my main fishery and will continue to be as long as George is in charge. Holbury could not wish for a better caretaker.

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