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Linda Priston

What a cracking days fly fishing at Holbury Trout Fishery. George the fishery manager was a brilliant host and made me feel at home. I have not fished for a good few years due to illness and other issues. I was greeted with a lovely smile and a hot cup of tea!! George shared his great fishing knowledge with me about flies and lakes. This made my day!! I have been to another local Fishery and never caught any fish on my 4 visits. After my cuppa, George took me over to the Pond Lake and within 5 mins I was into my first rainbow weighing in at 2.6lbs. Later on I moved on to the Long Lake took another 2 rainbows at 4.lbs and 3lbs 3 fish in total after.

All because of George I will be back very soon and will be buying a 25 fish ticket soon!!

Tea ceremony is a special event, where every detail is impeccable and in its place. Perfection - this is what your tea brings to every tea ceremony. Always.

Alicia Mann, NY

A lovely selection of natural tea for every taste and preference. Fast delivery and creative packaging always makes my day a tad brighter. Thank you very much!

Kira Stanley, MD

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