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Recently Ben Bangham was down to fish the River Dun here at Holbury here is a link to youtube and a video made by wilderness T.V  about his days fishing:

The River is currently available to everyone for £50/ person/ day. Or £72 for a 4 fish lake and river ticket. Please do make sure to book in for a day on the river as there is only room for 1 (or two friends). I will be undertaking some river improvement work on the trees in the coming weeks, I intend to lift a few of the branches of the water and will also be cutting the weed. I intend to manage the river as a wild trout fishery and you must understand it is not the easiest of places for a beginner.Currently the river is un-stocked and the stocking policy is under review, my thoughts are with the wild fish in keeping it un-stocked. I do understand that a small number of stocked fish may be necessary to boost numbers but will have to wait until I have cut the weed to make this decision. If you have any comments about the river then I would love to hear from you and get your opinions and views.

Tight lines

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